Michael Milstead

Michael Milstead

Senior Lead Digital Developer

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Resume: Has more than 15 years of experience in web development and graphic design, but originally broke into the job market with the typical/obligatory high school cashiering job at Rouses. The term “boat orders” still sends shivers down his spine.

Countries Visited: Mexico, Grand Cayman Islands, and Jamaica, the last of which stands out as home of the most delicious rum cake you’ll ever have.

Ideal PBJ: Extra crunchy peanut butter. Toasted oatmeal bread. Blackberry jam. Crusts build character.

Mantra: “Be authentic to your dreams. Be authentic to your own idea about yourself. Grind away at your own minds and bodies until you become your own invention. Be mad scientists.” – Warren Ellis

Invaluable Because: His dual talents in web programming and graphic design allow him to jump right into the most complex projects with speed and dexterity.

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