Kim Scotch

Kim Scotch

Senior Front-End Developer

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Resume: Bachelor’s from the University of Michigan. Occasional student at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. Previously worked as Manager of Digital Content for Nestlé Health Science and Web Designer for Lone Star Technologies. Visual Communication is her thing.

Where She’s Traveled: 8 years teaching in Asia. Lived in South Korea for a stint. Visited China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar, Guam, and Saipan. She can’t pick a favorite.

Alternative Career: Travel blogger. (Understandable.)

Guilty Pleasure: Live music. Pick a city and she’ll tell you the best performance venues.

Ideal PB&J: Freshly baked bread. Thick layers of crunchy peanut butter and blueberry jam. Too messy to eat in public.

Article of Clothing She’s Owned The Longest: A faded and threadbare Doors t-shirt from the 70’s. She still has the friend who gave it to her, too.

Most Daring Moment: Moving to South Korea knowing little about the history and none of the language.

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