Kathleen Turpel

Kathleen Turpel

CEO, Creative Director

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Resume:  Bachelor of Arts in communication from Loyola University New Orleans. Multiple life-appointed graduate degrees from decades-long relationships with innovators and entrepreneurs.

Countries Visited: Italy (favorite), France (favorite), Spain (favorite), Canada (favorite), Mexico (favorite), Bahamas (favorite), Nicaragua (favorite), Honduras (favorite), Costa Rica (favorite)

Special Talent: She can find anything in Google except her car keys.

This Year’s Mantra: “Make it better”

Favorite Twitterer: Chelsea Handler (@ChelseaHandler), before she got famous.  Andi Eaton (@andieaton), before she gets famous.

Invaluable Because: She innovates more in one night’s sleep than most can strive for in a lifetime. Her genuine caring for the people around her makes their life priorities become her priorities.

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